10 Lifestyle Changes To Help You Lose Weight Permanently and Safely

1. Reach for water when you're hungry. It's the cheapest, safest and most natural appetite-suppressant there is.

2. Keep your cupboards empty. You'll save both money and temptation. By cutting back on the amount of food choices you have around, there will be less impulse snacking.

3. Be inspired. A cheap incentive is sticking a picture of a dress you'd really love to wear where it will motivate you. For those with a wild side, get your belly button pierced.

4. Spice it up. Ginger, cayenne, jalapeno peppers and Tabasco sauce can boost your fat-burning ability. Spicy foods speed up your metabolism and gives a boost to your fat loss.

5. Sleep more. Getting enough sleep does more than keep you from eating for energy. Getting enough sleep will raise metabolism.

6. Be a smart shopper. Always go the grocery store with a list because it prevents you from buying impulse food.  Additionally never go when you're hungry because you'll find yourself putting extra food in your cart. 

7. Cut Out The ABC's. Alcohol, bread, and complex carbohydrates.

8. Overcome nighttime cravings. Researchers have found that dark rooms and the darkness of night make us more likely to overeat. Try scheduling your bedtime an hour earlier. Switch to brighter light bulbs for cheerier surroundings, you'll be happier and less likely to binge.

9. Eat breakfast every day. It gets you going in the morning and you'll be less hungry at lunch.

10. Snack right. A hard candy is only about 20 calories and can last up to twenty minutes. A 400-calorie ice cream cone never lasts more than ten minutes. Try these tasty treats that are less than 150 calories: two Oreo cookies, a McDonald's Ice Cream Cone, a half cup of Italian Ice, Jello, angel food cake with fresh fruit, or a Fudgesicle.

Easy Weight Loss Tips and Tools To Help You Lose Weight