Trying Too Hard To Lose Weight

When you visualize yourself as trying to do something, you're going to see it as a struggle. Yet when you visualize yourself as actually doing it, naturally and easily, beyond the trying, you'll have the genuine confidence to get it done.


Stop trying so hard and simply start to get it done. Stop striving and struggling against your own negative assumptions and start following your positive possibilities.

Remove the word "trying" from your vocabulary, and notice how much that one simple change can clarify your activities. Rather than saying or thinking, "I'm trying to get this work done" see what happens when you say "I'm confidently getting this work completed."

It makes a huge difference in your perspective. It helps you to see each action not as a desperate attempt, but rather as confident step forward.

When you're only trying, you're taking action without being fully committed to that action. When you decide to step up and actually do it, then you're committing yourself to taking whatever action is necessary.

Go beyond merely trying -- get up and get busy doing.

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