Positive Weight Loss Affirmations Ultimate Guide

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that help us overcome negative thoughts and self doubt. With your mind you have the ability to change negatives to positives. The act of repeating these positive sentences will inspire and motivate us.  These positive affirmations strengthen us and enable our mind to believe that we can achieve our goals. Positive statements are used to reprogram the subconscious mind and ultimately encourage us to believe certain things about ourselves. They work hand in hand with the Power of Attraction to give you what you want in life.

Affirmations tap into the power of the mind. Daily affirmation usage inspires us to do better and gives us the ability to enhance our lives. They can be used to target specific areas of your life that you’re looking to improve such as success, money and even weight loss.

How do you use affirmations for weight loss?

You can use daily affirmations for weight loss to start your day and end your day. Put up post it notes in places that you regularly see throughout the day. Write a list of affirmations of weight loss that you feel will help you and repeat them periodically during the day. Keep those positive affirmations in your head space all day.

While when you first start using affirmations it may seem silly and the statements may not be true, they are designed to reflect what you hope to become factual in your life. You are reshaping your thoughts to give you a more positive outlook of who you want to be.

Your thoughts can help shape your body but you also have to take action to make those thoughts become reality. The positive affirmations can be geared towards weight loss success, fitness goals or to achieve a positive mindset. Healthy lifestyle affirmations will set you on the path to a successful weight loss journey.

Morning Meditation for Weight Loss

You can incorporate a morning meditation habit that includes positive affirmations and visualizations. Do some deep breathing exercises before you start your morning routine of positive affirmations for weight loss. Say each affirmation slowly using a clear voice, while at the same time concentrating on the meaning of each word. Absorb the positive energy that each affirmation provides to you. The affirmations coincide with the law of attraction to give you a feeling of power over the obstacles that a weight loss program may have.

Get yourself in a quiet place. You can put on soft music for your meditation. Online sites such as YouTube, offer a lot of opportunity to discover new affirmations and meditation practices.

Does the Law of Attraction work for weight loss?

The premise of the law of attraction is that positive thoughts bring positive experiences and negative thoughts bring negative experiences. We are all governed by the laws of the Universe and one of those laws is the Law of Attraction. The belief is that the mind has a power of its own and can manifest our thoughts into reality.

Practice positivity by turning negative thoughts into positive ones. For example, if you happen to have a negative thought about weight loss such as “I have so much to lose that I will never be thin,” simply turn that thought into a positive one by saying something like “I am losing weight.”

With weight loss affirmations, you use positive affirmations to program your subconscious mind in order to help you make healthy changes in your life. Law of attraction methods can speed up weight loss. The key is to focus on the solutions and what you are going to achieve by losing weight. Changing your mindset will improve your chances of long term success with weight loss.

List of Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss and Fitness

  • I eat mindfully.
  • I am committed to losing weight.
  • I am developing healthy eating habits.
  • I choose to be healthy and slim.
  • I will achieve my weight loss goals.
  • I am motivated to lose weight.
  • I make healthy decisions.
  • I am stronger than any excuse.
  • I have the power to change my body.
  • I believe in my ability to lose weight.
  • Every day I am closer to my goal weight.
  • I feel lighter and healthier.
  • Exercise makes me feel good.
  • I walk for health.
  • Losing body fat is easy for me.
  • I choose to stay on track.
  • I am in control of what I eat.
  • I am creating a body I like.
  • I embrace positive energy.
  • Healthy energy flows through my body.
  • I am committed to my weight loss goals.
  • I will overcome unhealthy food temptations.
  • I can achieve anything I set my mind to.
  • This is my time.
  • I am strong and energetic.
  • My age has nothing to do with weight loss success.
  • I choose to stop boredom eating.
  • Every day I am getting better and better.
  • I make healthy choices every day.
  • I will exercise and eat healthy.
  • I stick to my diet plan.
  • Exercise is fun and feels good.
  • I am losing weight
  • I am capable of reaching a healthy weight.
  • I am winning at weigh loss
  • I am living a healthy lifestyle
  • I exercise regularly.
  • I motivate myself every day.
  • I choose a healthy lifestyle change
  • I enjoy my daily walks.
  • I choose healthy portions of food.
  • I can and I will.
  • I love to drink water.
  • Water flushes away excess weight
  • Every step I make takes me closer to my goal.
  • I eat when I am hungry.
  • I have control of my eating habits.

Affirmations will put the Law of Attraction into action. The manifestation brought about will provide the momentum needed to bring about a positive change in your lifestyle. Consistent positive thoughts can transform just about anything including the new you.