Tips For Success On The WW (Weight Watchers) Plan

How Does The Weight Watchers Plan Work?

The Weight Watchers or WW plan is designed to make healthy eating a part of your permanent lifestyle. When you join you ask yourself a few questions which will determine the amount of points you are allowed in a day and the plan that is the best for you will follow. The points total number is based on your current weight, activity level, age and various other factors.

There are three plans for Smart Points. The green plan has the least amount of zero point foods. The blue plan offers 200 zero point foods that you can incorporate into your daily menu. The purple plan gives you the blue plan plus some additional zero point foods including potatoes, brown rice and some multi grain breads. However the purple plan gives you the least number of points.

Smart Points and Fit Points Work

The best thing about following the Weight Watchers plan is that you are able to eat whatever you want to. Everything edible has a point value and with portion control is easily adapted to the Weight Watchers Plan. The point values are based on the calories, fiber, fat and sugar in each food item. Whether you eat at home or go out to a restaurant, the food can be accounted for and tracked. There is literally nothing you can’t have while following the Weight Watchers Plan.

Tips For Staying On Weight Watchers

  • Make sure you write down all the food you eat and the point values in your food journal. There is also an online app that you can you for tracking on your smart phone. The app also offers access to a supportive part of WW called Connect. Here you can interact with WW members from all over the world.
  • Drink all your water and liquids daily. Fluids flush the fat and help you achieve your weight loss goals.
  • Use new recipes to make your diet more appealing. Variety in your food choices makes it easier to stay on plan. You can find lots of great tasting weight watcher recipes online.
  • Eat all your points so you will not be hungry and be tempted to indulge.
  • Weigh and measure all your food.
  • Mark down point values right on the groceries you use a lot. That makes it easier to keep track.
  • Exercise gives you extra fit points and will also keep your metabolism high.
  • Make sure you eat breakfast to quick start your energy level for the day. Higher fiber foods and proteins are great for breakfast.
  • Attend meetings weekly if you subscribe to the full program. The support you get from attendance will help you stay on plan. Members interact with each other and you will pick up additional tips for success.
  • Eat filling foods to keep your hunger under control.
  • Find a lower calories substitute for foods. For example 2 slices of reduced calorie bread will substitute for 1 slice of regular white bread.

More Weight Watchers Tips

  • Set small goals for yourself and when you achieve the goal, reward yourself.
  • Every week make a small change. For example, eliminate sugar in your coffee or don’t put butter on your toast. Those small changes will result in becoming good, healthy habits.
  • Take a shopping list when you go to the grocery store.
  • Plan your meals ahead of time so you stay on track.
  • If you have a special event or holiday during the week plan accordingly. Use your extra weekly points for it or exercise a little more to compensate.
  • Eliminate foods from your house that are tempting and will get you off track. Foods that you know make you overeat should not be easily accessible.
  • Keep your fridge filled with foods that are smart choices. Have fresh vegetable and fruit easy to grab.
  • Keep your freezer stocked with meal sized portions so you can quickly prepare a healthy meal.
  • Don’t drink your points away. Points are better used on a filling protein rather than a cup of fruit juice.
  • Use butter spray to eliminate high calorie butter from your diet.
  • Cook with fat free broths. Use can use it to cook meats and saute vegetables. You will add flavor without adding calories.
Make Fitness A Part of your WW Plan

If you have a craving for something go ahead and have it. Just make sure you include in your point totals. If you deny yourself you will feel cheated.

Remember that WW or Weight Watchers is not a’s a lifestyle.

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